[S/A : I love the oversized look and the fact that you can carry your everyday life in it, the endless possibilities with colors and sizes, both practical and chic.]


[Vice Mikhailik : The bigger the better, and this one is the stylish one. I haven’t found a better one yet.]


[Yuka : I adore the origin story of the brand. It’s so much fun! The bags offer practicality for everyday, but overall boast a premium look that can be dressed up or down. They are sturdy and resilient, and that’s what I love the most.]


[Joana Seixo : Truly a staple in my wardrobe. I’m super in love with my bag!]


[Barbara Santiago : CAHU is the most perfect bag, I can put everything in there and it’s super cool and looks good with every outfit.]


[Raquel Costa : I love the vibrant colors of the brand. It makes me feel happy and alive. Two words: quality and irreverence.]


[Valerie Tribes : Ce sac est mon allié pour l’été. Dedans, il y a mon panier Loewe, mais aussi le sac du chien pour le TGV, mes palmes et mes gants pour nager, mon ordi... MAGIQUE ! Sans oublier les jouets du chien et les bouquins.]

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